In Between by M. A. Fernández review

Hi everyone! Today I will reviewing In Between by M. A. Fernández, which was kindly sent to me by the author. The novel is a new adult romance following Rachel Scott, a young secretary working in New York and living with fiancé Ethan Callum. Her life quickly becomes complicated when lawyer Tom Cooper joins the company she works for. The two have an instant connection, and Rachel finds herself torn between two men.

Fernández effectively conveyed Rachel’s thoughts and emotions, which become increasingly complex as the story unfolds. As a reader you were able to understand her dilemma and sympathise with her. Her relationships with the two men were also nicely drawn, particularly Ethan. I felt the portrayal of their relationship was very realistic, depicting the highs and lows every couple experiences. However, I probably would have liked to have seen Rachel’s relationship with Tom developed a bit more. It happens quite suddenly at the beginning and, aside from a physical attraction, I was never sure what Rachel saw in him. It just occurs and that was that. As a result, the Tom/Rachel relationship didn’t feel as fleshed-out as the other one, thus making the reader’s choice of man an obvious one. If we read more of Tom and Rachel perhaps that choice would have been trickier.

The plot twists in the narrative are well done and genuinely surprisingly. I never expected the novel to go the way it did, which was refreshing. It wasn’t just a typical love triangle that appears far too frequently in storytelling and I liked how Fernández did something different. However the second half of the novel felt a bit rushed, going at a much faster pace than the first. Due to this, the events that happen towards the end are crammed in close together, and there isn’t a lot of time for the readers to make sense of all that is going on. Perhaps having them more spaced out with quieter moments in between (no pun intended), would make it feel less rushed.

In Between has a lot of potential. Fernández can write incredibly well, and there were numerous times I wanted to underline a paragraph or a turn of phrase. There were a couple of spelling mistakes, particularly towards the end, but they didn’t really bother me. I would have liked more character development and I think the pacing was a bit off at the conclusion, but overall this was a very good debut romance.

In Between is published independently and you can find more information here.


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