Fantastic Planet by Douglas Bosley review

Upon landing on an unexplored planet, Crab learns that it is full of quirky plants and animals. Every nook and cranny is full of interesting creatures to describe. But when its time to travel back home and share these new discoveries, Crab’s spaceship won’t launch! Will ingenuity be enough to get this explorer home or is Crab stranded on a Fantastic Planet?

This was a very sweet children’s picture book. Crab is a really likable protagonist and Bosley has injected enough personality into his main character that the book is never dull. He carries the simplistic plot and makes it entertaining. As a narrator, he does a great job of navigating this new world and guiding the reader through it.

The illustrations, also done by Bosley, are the highlight of the book. They are remarkably evocative, capturing the star HR 8832 and its inhabitants. The only criticism there is of Fantastic Planet is that I would have liked to have seen more of this alien world. Bosley does cram a lot into very few pages and the premise could easily expand into a longer picture book. Yet this is only one in a series so perhaps Bosley explores this world more in other books.

Overall, Fantastic Planet is a fun picture book. Whilst there may not be a lot on offer for adult readers, certainly younger children will enjoy this, thanks to the main character of Crab and the adventurous aspect of the book.

This review was first published on Reedsy Discovery. 

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